Everybody Starts Somewhere

I’ve always had a thing for cheese. Over the years my passion for cheese has ebbed and flowed depending on the pull of my time from work, family and other interests. My appreciation for a good cheese, something new, different, or exciting has always been there. As I grow older my memory of good cheese, cheese stores and cheese discoveries has begun to fade a bit. This is not a good thing.

At a New Year’s eve party last evening I engaged in a conversation with a foodie friend and we started to compare notes. “Have you tried this?”, “What’s the name of that store”, “What is your favorite Blue cheese?”, etc. I was having some trouble remembering. So I’ve decided to do something about it. I have created several private blogs on WordPress. I keep getting better at this WordPress thing.

Today I decided to launch my first public blog on the subject of cheese. We’ll see where this journey takes us.

Welcome 2011. May this year be the cheesiest yet!


One comment on “Everybody Starts Somewhere

  1. Juliette Labao says:

    I purchased two 500g of silani mozzarella cheese and both of them were bad, one of them did not seem like it was processed right and the other was rotten, the due dates were for Nov. 30/13 and neither were opened until needed.

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