Cheese Bread

Cheese Bread

I like cheese and I like bread.

When I saw a loaf of cheese bread at our local supermarket I thought to myself “jackpot!”. The cheese bread was a little more expensive than regular bread but it was something that had to be tried. This particular loaf came from Loblaws.

Cheese bread is good. It has a nice taste. Bread with a light bite. The ingredients listed on the label indicate that it is cheddar cheese that has been cooked into the loaf. The cheddar gives it a nice little tang.

This loaf was much lighter than I expected. I had assumed that the cheese would make the bread dense. That was not the case. It was even lighter and more airy than normal sandwich bread. Almost too much. I’m lucky that it was pre-sliced because I’m not sure that I could cut it without crushing it.

I tried toasting some and it toasted up nicely. I made a tuna salad sandwich using toasted cheese bread and that was a great combination. Previously I would sometimes put a slice of processed cheese into a tuna sandwich. The cheese bread saves me a step and results in a delicate, subtle cheese flavor.

The big surprise came when my kids gave it a try. I had expected them to resist bread with yellow splotches scattered throughout. They loved it! They requested us to include it in their school lunch bags. It’s not a fruit or vegetable, but it beats a request for candy or other snack.

I’m going to do some more research and try some cheese breads from other bakeries. I love the breads from Panera. I checked out their website and found Three Cheese Bread featuring Parmesan, Romano & Asiago cheeses. OMG I can only imagine.

Periodically my wife and I bake homemade bread. We have been using a Rustic Bread recipe that turns out pretty good each time. The next time, we will add some shredded cheddar cheese into the dough and see how that turns out.

But really, how could adding cheese not have a happy ending?


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