Mac’s and Cheese – Cheese Boards

I have recently been enjoying all kinds of new and exciting cheeses. I’m convinced that cheese is enjoyed even more when it is presented well.

Does a fine wine taste better in a styro-foam cup, or in crystal stemware? It’s the same wine, but I’ll take the stemware. You get the idea.

Part of the pleasure of researching and blogging about cheese is that I’m getting “tuned in”. I am noticing things that I never noticed before. I am noticing the different ways cheese is presented for consumption.  Cheese looks very enticing when presented on a wooden cheese board. The calm, natural and rustic nature of wood compliments the cheese.

I came across a blog today with reference to Mac’s Cutting Boards website. They are specifically marketing and selling cheese boards. The boards look pretty nice. A classy, high end, cheese presentation board is now on my wish list.

Mac Cheese Cutting Board

Where’s the cheese? It would have been better if they actually showed a piece of cheese on the Cheese Cutting Board, but I can do the visualization. At least, if I need a grape cutting board, I know that they have that base covered.

I looked around  Mac’s Cutting Boards website to find out where these crafty folks are located … I couldn’t figure it out. There is no address on the Contact Us page. The Shipping and Returns page comes up blank. The About Us page lists no names or addresses.

Over time I have become used to buying things off of the internet. However, before I buy I need to establish some trust about who I am buying from. Mac’s Cheese cutting boards look nice, but until I figure out who these people are, I’m hesitant to lunge for one just yet.

Leave a comment if you know where I can find a nice high-end cheese board and I’ll share that information in a subsequent post.


2 comments on “Mac’s and Cheese – Cheese Boards

  1. Tupper says:

    Hmmmmm,,,,,, I’d say they’re located in China (just a guess).

  2. Just noticed your post on your blog. Thanks for mentioning us. When you view our website, we were so brand new in putting it up that we had no idea what we were doing. Now, if you were to go onto our website it would have all the information you need (no picture of the cheese, but it is a great idea). Thanks for posting! We’re glad you love our work. By the way, we make all the cutting boards ourselves from re-purposing hardwoods. Check us out!

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