Babybel vs. Kinder Eggs – Babybel Wins!

I was shuffling through the refrigerator this morning when I noticed some Babybel. My children like these little cheeses and why not? They are the cheese world’s version of a Kinder Egg but with a tasty edible cheesy surprise inside.

For the benefit of my blog readers in the United States – I must digress for a minute. Kinder Eggs are sold all over the world EXCEPT the United States. That is because in 1983 the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act prohibited embedding “non-nutritive items” in confections.

Here is a photo collage to illustrate the Kinder Egg.

Unwrapping a Kinder Egg - image from

The only problem with the Kinder Egg is that the cheap plastic toy inside only provides fun for about 5-10 minutes then it is relegated to the junk pile and ultimately disposed.

The marketing people at the Babybel Company have done a great job with the design of their cheese packaging by placing a cheese surprise in every Babybel package. Children love unwrapping a little surprise.

With the Babybel you get to first peel away the plastic wrapper to reveal a small wax ball.

Then you discover a little tab on the side, like a mini zipper.

One little tug and VIOLA! A beautiful little piece of delicious cheese pops out.

If I knew how to activate a little applause applet right here I would.

But how does it taste? Another surprise. It tastes good!

Granted, the fun factor may only last 5-10 minutes similar to the Kinder Egg but I have to give the edge to the healthy, nutritious and delicious Babybel.

Babybel is a winner!

The original Babybel is Dutch Edam. Currently there are six different cheeses in the Babybel line: Original, Light, Bonbel, Cheddar, Swiss, and Gouda.

Babybel is produced by the Bel Group. The mini Babybel was launched in France in 1977. Currently the Bel Group distributes cheese to 122 Countries. Babybel is available at most grocery stores.

UPDATE: Feb 22, 2011
I found this article on a Toronto online newspaper, The Globe and Mail – It is relevant to this post so I thought I would add a link. You’ve got to read it to believe it. – Border guards crack Kinder egg case.


3 comments on “Babybel vs. Kinder Eggs – Babybel Wins!

  1. InsideTheEgg says:

    Ooooh… THAT is certainly a tough one!

    I do agree that Babybel is excellent, but I am quite biased towards Kinder Eggs (obviously), especially when you use half the chocolate egg to drink milk!

    I think a great comparison would be between Babybel and the Laughing Cow (La Vache Qui Rit).
    Both have a similar fun “mini-zipper” as you put it, and both put smiles on the faces of children.
    As a kid, I always used to make wax sculptures out of the Babybel wax. 🙂

  2. InsideTheEgg says:

    Reblogged this on InsideTheEgg and commented:
    An excellent piece (though with a flawed conclusion).

    If you love chocolate, than you MUST also love cheese (vegans excluded). Therefore, you MUST follow The Canadian Cheese Man

  3. Lavy says:

    great blog! I’ve never thought there are so many different “mature”” cheeses like you call it.
    And I am shocked that the Americans don’t have kinder eggs:)))) I love that chocolate.

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