Toronto Cheese Store – Leslieville Cheese Market

Finding a variety of cheeses starts with finding good cheese stores. I am slowly building a list of cheese stores to reference.

I had been to the Leslieville Cheese Market a few years ago for a wine and cheese tasting. I fondly remember the experience. It took me to a part of Toronto that I had never visited before. The store was smaller than I had expected. When I arrived it was standing room only.

As I walked into the store I remember the smells and the warmth. It was winter and it was so cozy. Honestly, I don’t remember which cheeses and wines they served that evening but I do remember being somewhat fascinated by the whole experience. The server was elaborating about each cheese being sampled. The cheeses were all unique and I enjoyed each one for a different reason. I went away from the experience with a satisfaction as well as a hunger to learn more about cheese.

That was a few years ago.

Today when I visited the Leslieville Cheese Market website I was surprised to discover they now operate three locations. The East location that I had visited a few years ago will celebrate their 5th Anniversary this June.

Leslieville Cheese Store East Location - image from their website

Now they have opened a West location and a North Market.

Leslieville Cheese Shop West Location - image from their website

Leslieville Cheese Shop North Location - image from their website

That’s good news for me because the West store is much closer to where I live.

Their website has a list of staff’s picks of favorite cheeses which I intrepret as great suggestons for some cheese platters.

The Leslieville Cheese Market is yet another cheese destination that I look forward to visiting again soon.


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