Cheese as Art? – You Betcha

Whenever I see some cheese I think – I wonder what it tastes like? Evidently I’m a shallow thinker because when Troy Landwehr sees a pieces of cheese he thinks – What amazing sculpture can this cheese become?

Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.

Check out this YouTube video of Troy, a champion cheese carver, turning a 1,200 pound block of cheddar cheese into the Statue of Liberty. The entire process is captured with time-lapse photography.

If you don’t think cheese carving is popular then you might be surprised to learn that this YouTube video has 866,000 views (as of this post) and is approaching 1 Million views. That’s almost as many views as my blog (OK, I made that part up).

I have a feeling that this cheese carving thing might be about ready to go viral.

I don’t know if Canada has a cheese carving competition. If not, I’ll have to start a movement to get one going because we would not want Canada to be unrepresented in the World Cheese Carving Competition … if there is such a thing.


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