Canadian Cheese School

I’ve been enjoying and learning about cheese by visiting cheese stores, searching the web and talking to cheese lovers. Recently, I’ve become even more passionate in my pursuit of knowledge and new cheese discoveries. Back in January, I had done an internet search and found a cheese school in San Francisco. That’s not very convenient for me. I even did a blog post about the San Francisco Cheese School because I thought it was a great idea.

You would think that a guy who who lives in Canada and blogs about cheese would know it all. Well folks, here’s the reality. I learn something new about cheese everyday. Today I learned that there is a Canadian Cheese School and it’s in Toronto, my own backyard.

The School is run by the Canadian Cheese Education Guild. They offer several extensive courses, electives and certifications. I must say I am quite impressed.

Their website says:

“Cheese Education Guild is the first cheese school dedicated to cheese appreciation in Canada. Since 2005, this in-depth, certificate program has raised the level of cheese knowledge and inspired cheese enjoyment for all levels of caseophiles (cheese lovers).”

If you have interest go to

It might be time for me to go back to school … cheese school.

Thank you to Stacey at Taste of Cheese for leading me to the Cheese School.


2 comments on “Canadian Cheese School

  1. Julie says:

    I wish there was a similar school out on the west coast! Vancouver Island has a number of wonderful artisan cheese companies, I think a guild out here would do exceptionally well!

  2. Perry Manti says:

    George Brown College has a comprehensive Professional Fromager program. It involves six courses. The first group of certified professional fromagers will graduate from GBC in October, 2011.

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