Tom Green and a Genius Cheese Idea

According to an article I saw recently on the website Tom Green has a genius idea. The article explains:

Tom Green is planning to use cheese to lure celebrities to stay and chat on his comfy couch in the first ever online show covering the Gemini Awards.

“I have decided I want lots of cheese,” says Green, in a telephone interview from Washington, D.C., where he was performing five nights of standup.

“Jason Priestley is going to want to stay and talk when he sees all these delicious cheeses.”

Now this is clever. I bet it will work. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?

In the off chance you don’t know Tom Green, he is a Canadian comedian and actor. I was a little perturbed at him when he married Drew Barrymore because he moved in on her so fast I never really got a chance. But I’m over that now. So I wish Tom the best with his career.

I wonder what kind of cheese Tom Green will serve to his guests? If he has a really boring guest then the cheese can rescue the show. Maybe he will switch up the cheeses with each interview and try to match the cheeses to the guests. This could go in so many different directions.

In summary … I think it’s a very clever idea. Maybe Genius. We’ll see.


One comment on “Tom Green and a Genius Cheese Idea

  1. chefsnausy says:

    This sounds like a grand idea – hopefully the cheese will end up being the star of his “show!”

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