How It’s Made – Goat Cheese

I discovered an excellent YouTube video describing how goat cheese is made. The video points out some interesting facts about goat cheese manufacture.

Goats are milked every 12 hours. The milking takes three minutes and produces three quarts of milk. I would have thought that a milking would take longer. Those goats give milk like it’s coming from a spigot!

The magic temperature to heat the milk to kill bacteria is 66 degrees Celcius.

They add 0.6% salt to the cheese to slow aging.

Soft goat cheese has a shelf life of two months. However, they suggest the cheese has a shelf life of just one week after being opened.

Soft goat cheese has twice the protein as cow’s milk cream cheese. The soft goat cheese has 1/2 the fat, 1/2 the cholesterol and 1/3 the calories of cow’s milk cream cheese.

I didn’t realize the goat cheese was a healthier choice. Now I’ve got to eat more goat cheese.


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