Cantenaar Delicious Low Fat and Low Salt Cheese From Holland

Cantenaar Cheese

Cantenaar Cheese - image from Google Images

I came across Cantenaar Cheese in the cheese case at Goat Inc., in Mississauga. This cheese was advertised as a low fat, low salt cheese. I figured that also meant low flavour. I have to report that I was pleasantly surprised. If I had not been told this was a “healthy” cheese I would not have figured it as such. The cheese is nutty, buttery and has a pleasant texture.

Cantenaar Cheese from Holland

Cantenaar Cheese from Holland

Cantenaar is a cow’s milk cheese that comes from Holland. It has 40% less fat and 25% less salt than “regular” cheese. It’s taste is closest to an aged Gouda. I like that it has less fat and salt. I can justify eating a little more. This cheese is so good I want to.

Here is a youtube video describing Cantenaar.


4 comments on “Cantenaar Delicious Low Fat and Low Salt Cheese From Holland

  1. Gail says:

    What kind of wine would you pair with this cheese please?

    • Carmen says:

      Any dry red wine is wonderful with this cheese. It it the best low fat, low sodium cheese out there. Absolutely heaven!!

  2. Jillian says:

    I used to be able to buy 8% cantenaar, but now all I can find is 17%. The 8% was wonderful. Any idea where I can find any in Toronto?

    • Brenda says:

      you can buy it at Pusateri’s – which is high end grocery retailer in Toronto. They have 3 locations. Bayview Village, Avenue Road/Lawrence and Yorkville.

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