Riopelle Triple Cream Cheese from Quebec

Riopelle Cheese

Riopelle Cheese

I picked up a piece of Riopelle during a recent visit to my neighbourhood cheese shop, Goat Inc. in Port Credit (Ontario).

Riopelle is an artisinal Canadian cheese produced by Fromagerie Île-aux-Grues just east of Quebec City. It is named after a famous Canadian artist Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) who agreed to lend his name to the cheese shortly before his death. I found an image of one of his most famous pieces of artwork on Callah’s blog. This painting, Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg, is on display at the Musee des beaux-arts du Quebec  (French for “National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec”) in Quebec City.

Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg by Jean Paul Riopelle Art - image by Callah

Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg by Jean Paul Riopelle - image by Callah

This cheese is made in 1.4 kg wheels. And here is a heart warmer; I discovered that for each wheel of Riopelle cheese purchased, one  dollar goes to a foundation that promotes higher education for the the children of Isle-aux-Grue, Quebec, Canada where this cheese is made.

Isn’t it amazing how every cheese has a story?

This is a soft “brie style” triple cream cheese with a white bloomy rind and a rich creamy center. It is aged 60 days and is best eaten when “ripe”.

What does Riopelle cheese taste like? Riopelle is a smooth and creamy cheese at room temperature. It is mild and more delicate than some other triple cream cheeses that I have found. It has a delicate buttery flavour. I spread this cheese on Carr’s Table Water Crackers.

Joe Ambrus, the Somolier at Goat Inc. recommends pairing Riopelle with either Shiraz (Red Wine) or Montrachet (White Wine).

This is a safe bet on a cheese board and has a particularly interesting story behind it. I will feature this cheese on my “Socially Responsible” cheese board.

One comment on “Riopelle Triple Cream Cheese from Quebec

  1. katsteve says:

    Had this cheese in a cheese course at Bero in Toronto. Buttery, smooth slice of heaven.

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