Teaser – Monopoly Cheese Edition

Monopoly for PS3

Monopoly for PS3

My son picked up a used (now called “recycled”) copy of Monopoly for the PS3 at our local EB Games store. This is an electronic version of the same classic Monopoly game that I remember playing when I was a kid … a long time ago.

Why am I writing about a video game on a cheese blog?

This electronic version of Monoply has 10 different game boards. One of those boards is a Monoply Cheese Board. The bad news is that it is a locked board and you have to earn your way to play it. My son has unlocked several of the special boards but he is still working to unlock the cheese board.

There are 22 properties so the Monopoly cheese board will, in theory, showcase 22 cheeses.

My internet search revealed that in 2008 Kevin Whitter, from Wigan, Britain, created a cheese version of Monopoly as a family present. He asked Hasbro, makers of the Monopoly game, to put his board into production. I have not been able to find evidence of a release of the Monopoly Cheese Edition in box form. Evidently his idea did make it in the electronic form.

I did find a box version of Canada-opoly.



But I could not find Cheese-opoly. I even had trouble finding a decent image of the Monopoly Cheese Edition Board Layout. This was the only image I could conjure up, and it is too small to reveal any detail.
Monopoly Cheese Edition

Monopoly Cheese Edition

It seems my only option to discover the cheeses featured on the Monopoly cheese board is to wait until my son unlocks it on the PS3 Monopoly game. He’s pretty good at gaming so I should be able to report back soon.


One comment on “Teaser – Monopoly Cheese Edition

  1. InsideTheEgg says:

    I would definitely be interested in hearing more about the cheese edition, once unlocked.

    I wonder which cheeses will be honoured with the Boardwalk and Park Place squares!
    Speaking of which, in Canada-opoly, which square does Winnipeg inherit?
    I’m guessing Baltic or Mediterranean. :p

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