The Laughing Cow Cheese

My kids might have a bit of my cheese passion in them. I discovered this in our refrigerator yesterday. The packaging is probably part of the appeal. What kid would not be intrigued by a bright red smiling cow wearing cheese ear rings while surrounded by bold primary colors. And it promises to be “So smooth”.

With 16 individual portions it was a “must try” for my children. My hat is off to the marketing group at The Laughing Cow company.

On Sunday afternoon my kids got out the crackers and the Laughing Cow. They pealed away the lid from the container like it was a Christmas present. Inside were the 16 individually wrapped pieces of cheese in shiny foil. I think the individually wrapped portions are pure genius. They provide some sense of portion control. Additionally the unopened wedges remain sealed tight, extending their shelf life.

Laughing Cow individual cheese wedge

How cute is that?

How does it taste?   It reminds me of soft butter with a bit of a cheese flavor. It is a pale processed cheese, made from cow’s milk, that spreads easily but it is too mild for my taste. My kids, however, really like it.

The Laughing Cow brand was launched in 1921. It is currently produced by Fromageries Bel, a family-owned cheese maker headquartered in Paris, France. Their website states that Fromageries Bel produces more than 30 local and international cheese brands that are sold in more than 120 countries around the globe. This is evidently a very popular and successful cheese.

I won’t be pulling this out for a wine pairing and it is unlikely you will find this on my next cheese plate. But you will find it in my kids lunch bags or on the kitchen counter as a snack for the kids.

If you have a young one in the house, or if you like a mild cheese then the Laughing Cow is worth a try.

This is the link to the The Laughing Cow Cheese website.

5 comments on “The Laughing Cow Cheese

  1. lavinia says:

    I have a question about it though, in the expiration date, does the month go first or the date? thank you! i love this cheese!

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I was surfing the web for a new “spread” and tomorrow I’ll give The Laughing Cow a try.

  3. Dennis says:

    If it’s a “Made in Canada” product it just does not taste as good as the French or U.S. product. I don’t purchase this cheese anymore if it’s labeled as such.

  4. InsideTheEgg says:

    Laughing Cow + salmon locks + dill + cracker = greatness
    Makes for a simple (and inexpensive) party dish.

  5. Lee says:

    Dairylea is waaaayyyy better but I can’t find that here in Canada 😦

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