Empire Cheese Handcrafted Four Year Cheddar Supreme

Empire Hand Crafted Cheddar 4 Year Supreme

Empire Hand Crafted Cheddar 4 Year Supreme

I discovered Empire 4 Year Cheddar at the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton, Ontario. The Empire Cheese Company is a Canadian cheese maker that began in the late 1870s. They’ve been making cheese ever since, for 135 years. I guess when you specialize in making something for that long you get very good at it … they have.

The Empire Cheese & Butter Co-op is the only cheese manufacturing plant operating in Northumberland County.

Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada

They use a traditional “open vat” method to prepare the cheese. They add no additives,  flavours or preservatives. It is all natural. They use 100% Canadian Milk.

Empire Hand Crafted Cheddar 4 Year Supreme

Empire Hand Crafted Cheddar 4 Year Supreme

What does Empire 4 Year Cheddar Supreme taste like? I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the cheese. The Empire cheddar was creamier and more moist than I expected of a 4 year cheddar. Those are good qualities in my opinion. No crumbly, dried out cheese here. It was sharp, but not too sharp. It was very well balanced and had a terrific stable finish. All in all … I thought this cheese was excellent!

There are so many cheddar cheeses produced these days that I often find it hard to describe and distinguish differences. My family and I eat cheddar fairly regularly. We try different brands and we like nearly all of them. I really haven’t had a bad cheddar. Conversely, I have only had a few that I remember as being a standout. The Empire Cheese Handcrafted Four Year cheddar is a standout premium product.

Empire Cheese is sold through their factory store and various outlets in the surrounding areas. You can find an up to date list of where to buy by clicking their website.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with the Empire Cheese Company. I purchased the cheese that I reviewed.

5 comments on “Empire Cheese Handcrafted Four Year Cheddar Supreme

  1. George says:

    Empire cheese is a good cheddar manufacturer, but not the best. I like to invite you to come test taste some of the best of Canadian cheddar’s . http://www.danielscheese.com

    • Ontdrew says:

      You have my attention. I have added a visit to Daniel’s Cheese to my cheesy to-do list. It’s a long list but I will get there eventually. Thanks for the offer and get the cheddar ready!

  2. musingmar says:

    Nice to see you back blogging! It’s great to learn of all the cheese produced right here in Ontario!

  3. pumpernickelsdeli says:

    This looks delicious. Great Post!

  4. Laura Beaupre says:

    I bought a package of mozzarella cheese with jalapeño EMPIRE HAND CRAFTED NATURALLY AGED CHEESE AT LOBLAWS SUPERSTORE ON APR 8 and paid 8.97 and due date August 23/2015 and it has already is all blue MOLD. Tell me what is an old lady going to do with this ?

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