Guillaume Tell Cheese

I came across another interesting cheese over the weekend. I found this cheese in a Longo’s supermarket in Mississauga (Ontario).

Guillaume Tell Cheese

Guillaume Tell Cheese

This is a Canadian cheese produced by Fromages CDA inc. in Ville d’Anjou, Quebec. Again I was a sucker for clever marketing. The cheese is a name spin on William Tell. On the label there is a graphic of William’s son (Guillaume) with an apple on his head and the crossbow arrow hanging from the apple.

I couldn’t figure out the relationship until I did some research to discover that this cheese is bathed in Ace du Vignoble De Lavoie (Rougemont) ice cider which imparts a hint of apple taste. The company states:

Its soft texture reminiscent of brie tends to melt into flavours of cream and fermented apple.

This is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese.

Guillaume Tell Cheese

Guillaume Tell Cheese

Do you notice the end of the cheese is sort of chopped of in this picture? That’s because my son picked it up and bit off the end before I could set up a picture. He is getting as adventurous trying new cheese as I am.

What does Guillaume Tell cheese taste like? I found the cheese to be quite mild, the apple flavour was very subtle. Guillaume Tell cheese is firmer than the bries that I have tried. Yet it is soft enough to spread.

This cheese is a little too mild for my taste. It is just not exciting enough. I got a little experimental and I pared it with Dalmatia Fig Spread on a Carrs Table Water Cracker.

Dalmatia Fig Spread and Guillaume Tell Cheese on a Carrs Table Water Cracker

Dalmatia Fig Spread and Guillaume Tell Cheese on a Carrs Table Water Cracker

The combination of Dalmatia Fig Spread and Guillaume Tell Cheese on a Carrs Table Water Cracker was a home run! My son loved this too! I would buy it again and serve it this way.

For reference: here is a picture of the fig spread. I’ll do a separate review on the fig spread later but suffice it to say I love this stuff.

Dalmatia Fig Spread

Dalmatia Fig Spread

2 comments on “Guillaume Tell Cheese

  1. Kelsy says:

    A fabulous[ly simple] recipe for cream cheese:

    Stir 1.5tsp of salt into 1kg of natural, unflavoured yoghurt. Line a sieve with muslin, pour the yoghurt into the sieve and leave to drain overnight in the fridge.

    The end. No, seriously.
    Of course it’s just a base – it is a lot more fun to put herbs in, or honey for a sweet cheese. It also makes a beautiful stuffing for things like jalapenos or peppadews. Enjoy!

  2. Maria Walley says:

    I love the Guillaume Tell cheese but can’t get it in the USA. It’s really good with the pumpkin seed rye biscuits from Daelia’s Biscuits for cheese which are also available through Fromages CDA.

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