Jensen Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic

Jensen Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic

Jensen Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic

I came across Jensen Cheese Company’s Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic at the Grand Oak Culinary Market in Vineland, Ontario.

This Canadian cheese is made by the Jensen Cheese Company at their Wilton (Odessa), Ontario factory.  They have been making cheese since 1925 with three generations of family heading the company.

Trying a flavour enhanced cheese is always unpredictable for me. The cheese maker has a lot of latitude with how little, or how much, flavour enhancing they want to accomplish. I expected this cheese to be stronger than it it turned out to be. This is a mild “cheddar style” cheese with light seasoning.

Jensen Brick Cheese Onion and Garlic

Jensen Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic

This cheese is made from 100% Canadian cow’s milk. Jensen Cheese uses microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet therefore this cheese is suitable for consumption by lacto-vegetarians.

The mild onion and garlic flavor is the result of onion powder and garlic powder ingredients. There are no chunks of onion nor garlic in this cheese. There are little flakes of green, which are chives.

The Jensen Brick Cheese with Onion and Garlic has a good density and texture, it is relatively moist and slices easily at room temperature. This cheese will marry well with a cracker. I tried it on some sourdough bread. That pairing did not go so well. The sourdough flavor clashed and competed with this cheese. However, on a plain Carr’s tablewater cracker the cheese remained the main event.

In my opinion, this is a flavored cheese intended for the cheese timid. Being tame makes it is a safe bet to serve guests.

Jensen cheese is well distributed in Ontario and can be found at many retail locations as well as their own company stores in Odessa and Simcoe, Ontario.

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