Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda Cheese

Landana 1000 Day – Holland

Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda Cheese

Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda Cheese

I was shopping at my local Michael-Angelos Market Place in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) when I came across Landana 1,000 Days Aged Gouda cheese. They were promoting this cheese in the cheese case with a large eye-catching sign.

Landana 1000 day aged Gouda Sign

The advertising worked … they had my attention. I thought it was odd putting an “It’s New” sign on this very old cheese. I was thinking an “It’s Very Old” sign would be more appropriate, none-the-less I decided to bring some home for a try.

Landana 1,000 days aged Gouda comes from Holland and is a brand of the Vandersterre Group. It is a cow’s milk cheese. The cheese is formed into 20 pound wheels. The attraction, and uniqueness, of this cheese is obvious … 1,000 days of aging. The cheese spends 2.7 years maturing on untreated wooden shelves. During aging it loses 25% of it’s original weight as moisture leaves and the flavor builds.

What does Landana 1,000 day aged Gouda taste like? It’s awesome. I love everything about this cheese; the colour, the texture, the smell, the flavour. This is a hard cheese although not quite as firm as Parmesan Reggiano. The cheese has a nutty, sweet, salty, caramel flavor. It is loaded with flavour but it is not overwhelming. There are tiny crunchy protein crystals in this cheese that provide a very pleasant and interesting texture. I found this cheese to be somewhat similar to Beemster XO.

Landana 1000 days aged Gouda Cheese

Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda Cheese

I would suggest pairing Landana 1,000 Days Aged Gouda with fruit such as grapes or apples. This Gouda is good.

3 comments on “Landana 1000 Days Aged Gouda Cheese

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve just started buying this cheese, and absolutely love it. My husband was “suspicious” when I tried to make him try a piece…something about me being a crazy (ethnic Dutch) person who eats zoute haring met uitjes! Having said that, he was pleasantly surprised, and now loves it as well. I strongly recommend this cheese.

  2. If you’re in Amsterdam and get the chance try a visit here: – they have a wide variety of aged Goudas and other cheeses to sample at your leisure

  3. JoAnn Brube says:

    Landana 1009 Days Aged Gouda is fantastic. It is such a full flavor you don’t need much. I love it on plain crackers such as Stone Ground and a glass of red wine. It is awesome!!

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