Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar – Aged 2 Years

Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar - Aged 2 Years

Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar - Aged 2 Years

Balderson Cheddar is a made by the Balderson Cheese Company in Winchester, Ontario. Balderson is respected as a quality maker of Cheddar cheese in Canada. Their cheese is well distributed and can be found in nearly every grocery store that I can recall.

The Balderson story begins in 1881 when dairy farmers in Lanark County, Ontario, formed a dairy collective to pool their milk and produce cheddar cheese in a cooperative factory. The factory was built at Balderson Corners named after John Balderson, a British army  sergeant who homesteaded in the area in the 1860s. The Balderson cheese reputation has grew steadily over time and is currently a leading (or possibly the leading) brand of cheddar in Canada.

This review is for the Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar which is aged two years.

Balderson offers their cheddar at different stages of aging. Their premium series includes cheese aged as little as 3 months (mildest) and ranging to 18 months. The cheddar becomes drier, sharper and more expensive with age. The Premium Aged series ranges from 2 to 6 years.

Balderson Aged 2 Year Cheddar with Daelie's Biscuits

Balderson Aged 2 Year Cheddar with Daelie's Biscuits

I like the Balderson Royal Canadian Aged Two Year Cheddar because, in my opinion, it is the “sweet spot” on the aging scale. At two years the cheese has developed a mild bite and some depth but it well balanced with the milky, smooth cheddar flavour.  The Balderson website suggests that their two year cheddar is the best all purpose cheddar for recipes … I would agree. It is my cheese of choice for home made mac and cheese, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. The Balderson 2 year cheddar is a wonderful snacking cheese . It is a staple in our house … a favourite of my wife and kids.

Kathy Guidi, author of Canadian Cheese – A Pocket Guide, says “Balderson is the benchmark for Canadian Cheddar, our Cheddar PDO” . Canada does not yet have a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) but if they did I expect Balderson would be making application.

The Verdict: Balderson Royal Canadian Chedder Aged 2 Years is a recommend.

17 comments on “Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar – Aged 2 Years

  1. I live in the US, so I don’t know that we have access to that stuff here, but it sounds lovely. There’s a cheddar that’s been aged 3 years that I pick up every so often (because it’s kinda pricey). It’s definitely drier and it is starting to get crystals in it, just a little bit. It’s not really a cheddar that I’d use in a meal. That’s my fancy-pants canape cheddar. 🙂

  2. John Panting says:

    Have bought this cheese regularly for the past 2 or 3 years. Last month I bought a brick at Costco and when I opened it, it seemed wet and slippery.I started using the cheese as usual but the slimy feel on the outside did not seem right.The cheese then seemed to develop a tangy taste. I left it in sealed plastic bag in the refridgerator for the next two weeks and just now pulled it from the fridge and it had turned a strange brown colour. It is now in the garbage.
    My question to you is should I be still using this cheese and is it safe?

    • Ontdrew says:

      I have never had a cheese do what you describe. It sounds like something is not right. Personally, I would not eat it. I suggest you contact Balderson directly with your question. Please let us know their response in case somebody else has a similar experience.

    • Mike Sobol says:

      Balderson is one of the most consistent and reliably aged cheddars in the country so I am wondering if this particular block received some abnormal temperatures during transportation or storage. Don’t hesitate to contact Balderson at As lovers of great cheeses, we always want to hear from our customers.

  3. James Robb says:

    Your Royal Canadian Cheddar has a crush on me…it just won’t leave me alone.

  4. Jill Soos says:

    What is a good relaxing drink to serve with your Aged Cheddar?
    I’m thinking Port Wine.

  5. Dunnosisyter says:

    Where can I pick this chesse up in the states?

  6. scott says:

    Our FAVORITE cheese – we drive to canada Costco once a year to stock up on the 2year aged cheese in Vancouver. e spend about $200 a year on this delicacy!

  7. nadir says:

    Does your company, pay interest to export cheddar cheese abroad ? for example to Algeria, so i can find good deals, cause i have contacts, if interest on this, email me on :

  8. Ray Cote says:

    Found that cheese some time ago at Costco.
    Simply delicious.
    Try it with fresh slides of pears or red grapes…

  9. Charles Gonsalves says:

    I picked up a package of individual packed Balderson royal Canadian Chedder premium 420g individual packed, in this bag there were two packages that were sealed with no chedder cheese in them, is there a problem or was I gipped, from Costco
    Charles Gonsalves

  10. Lois Gibbs says:

    I have been using Balderson 2 yr old cheese for a long time, but in November 2014 I bought some & when I put a slice into my mouth there was somethimg very hard in it. I sent it out to Parmalat Canada on November 10 2014 & I am still waiting for the results. That is over 3 months ago, so how long does one person have to wait to hear this company? I have always baught this cheese once a week, but I have NOT bought one after this has happened & none of my neighbors have. I still do NOT know what it was that I had put in my mouth. I do Not if it was harmful to me. They have the had the opportunity to contact me ,but did Not. I have phoned them & every time I ask them they say the same thing. We are backed up, so what that’s telling me that there must be something NOT right with the cheese or with the people working there. I would appreciate a response to this letter. Thank you.

  11. Mr. Cheesey says:

    You can but this cheese at a grocery store for $12.99. Why when you order from the cheese company they want $19.00 for a 500 gram brick plus shipping. I understand the shipping cost extra but why and extra $7.00 for a brick bought from where its made. You would think it would be cheaper.

  12. fern says:

    I bought a 750 g of Balderson aged 2 years cheese at costco . the cheese has white crystals through it. This is unusual. I always buy this cheese and I have found tiny traces of it before but this time it is quite a bit. Is this normal or is it a something that is NOT suppose to be there. Yes. it taste good the crystals crunch in my teeth.? ? ? ?
    I am waiting for you to reply soon.

    Thank you

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