Comte de Champagne Double Cream Brie from France

Comte de Champagne Double Cream Brie

Comte de Champagne Double Cream Brie

I was shopping in Starsky’s market in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) when I came across Comte de Champagne Double Cream Brie. I tend to think of Brie as generic. I wondered, are all Brie’s alike? Is French Brie better than a Canadian Brie style cheese like Riopelle.

I did some internet searching and had difficulty finding information about the producer of Comte de Champagne. I discovered that despite the variety of Bries, the French government officially certifies only two types of cheese to be sold under that name: Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun. Hmmm … the Comte de Champagne is clearly labelled Brie and it is imported from France. I’m a little confused about the world of Brie.

More internet searching revealed the name “Comtes De Champagne” is a brand of Champagne produce by Taittinger. I’m even more confused about this Comte de Champagne cheese. Is it related to the Taittinger Champagne in some way?

Taittinger Champagne Label

Taittinger Champagne Label

I hope somebody in France, reading this blog, can provide some more information on the Comte de Champagne Brie.

I expected this to be some famous Brie that I had yet to discover. But the lack of online information makes this one of the most mysterious cheeses I have come across.  So goes it with cheese adventuring.

Comte de Champagne French Brie

Comte de Champagne French Brie

What does Comtes De Champagne Double Cream Brie taste like? – It tastes like Brie. My point is that it does taste generic to me. I have concluded that there is nothing special or unique about this Brie. It’s Brie.  It’s good.  But I’m not sure if you lined up several Brie’s that I could differentiate this one. Maybe that’s the way the French want it. Maybe the objective is consistency … if so then I say good job, the Comte de Champagnes upholds the Brie standard.

So far, when it comes to “Brie Style” cheese, I prefer the Canadian Riopelle that I tried a few weeks ago. But it might be a little unfair to compare this Brie to the Riopelle. It is an “apples and oranges” comparison. The Riopelle is a triple cream surfaced ripened cheese. I enjoy rich and creamy so my bias is toward the triple cream over the double cream hence the Riopelle over the Comte de Champagne.

To be clear … this French Brie is good. It is exactly what I expected when I bought it. What I got was a classic Brie. If that’s what you are looking for then here it is.

Store refrigerated but warm it to room temperature for serving.

4 comments on “Comte de Champagne Double Cream Brie from France

  1. Stephane says:

    I live in France and like my cheese, but can’t say I tried or saw that one. The only true Brie for me remains the stinky Brie de Meaux!!!

  2. I love this! My mom is a fan of Brie and I think I am going to try and get her some different Brie’s for her birthday. Your blog is a big help:]

  3. eatvolution says:

    Oh this looks and sounds so so yummy in my tummy!

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