Silani Mozzarella Cheese

Silani Mozzarella

Silani Mozzarella

I found Silani Mozzarella at a Michael-Angelo’s Supermarket near my home. I was doing some shopping and Mozzarella was on the grocery list. My daughter was making calzones for dinner and mozzarella was a key ingredient. I browsed the cheese selection for Mozzarella and there were many choices.

I suddenly realized that mozzarella is a cheese that I have taken for granted. My family has mozzarella cheese often, on home made pizza or calzones. It is nearly a staple in our house. I know a lot about many cheeses from all over the world, but I don’t know anything about Mozzarella. I just eat it, and enjoy it.

I tried to figure out a criteria to evaluate the different brands of mozzarella. I wanted to make a good purchase decision. I struggled. After pondering for a while, I decided on a differentiator … price. The Silani Mozzarella was on sale.  I figure all mozzarella is basically the same.

Silani Mozzarella, by default, is now my benchmark mozzarella. The next time we need mozzarella I will pick a different brand of Mozzarella to compare. I will take pictures, pull the cheese apart, smell it, tug it, roll it in my fingers, taste it and melt it. I will scrutinize each different mozzarella. I want to determine if there is any real difference between Mozzarella brands. Perhaps I will discover a brand favorite.

This review is for Silani brand mozzarella.

Silani Mozzarella

Silani Mozzarella

When I removed the Silani Mozzarella from the vacuum package it was shiny and oily on the outside. It looked artificial. I cut the end off. The inside looked much more appetizing. The inside was a nice dull blonde. Mozzarella does not have a rind. Right out of the package this cheese did not have much smell, but once sliced, it revealed the familiar smell of mozzarella cheese.

Next I pulled the mozzarella into strands.

Silani Mozzarella Pulled Apart

Silani Mozzarella Pulled Apart

The Silani Mozzarella was very stringy as I pulled it apart into chunks. These little cheese strings smelled good. They had a nice texture and they looked very appetizing.

Mozzarella serving secret #1. Pull it apart. My kids did not have much interest in eating the mozzarella … until I pulled it apart. Suddenly it was a snack, and a good snack at that.

Next I ran the cheese through my cheese grinder attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Shredding Silani Mozzarella Cheese

Shredding Silani Mozzarella Cheese

The Silani Mozzarella shredded up well. I’ve had some bad experience with some mozzarella cheeses being too moist and balling up when I tried to shred it.

Shredded Silani Mozzarella Cheese

Shredded Silani Mozzarella Cheese

My experiment was done. We added the Silani Mozzarella to our calzones, baked them and enjoyed.

Silani Mozzarella is made in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada. Here is the Silani Mozzarella cheese website.

What do I think of Silani Mozzarella Cheese? It tasted good, it shredded well and it was a bargain. It is my benchmark mozzarella until I can compare it to a few other brands of mozzarella.

Do you have a favourite brand of Mozzarella cheese?

22 comments on “Silani Mozzarella Cheese

  1. Jane says:

    i just tried this brands cheddar and was very turned off. i have tried the monzerealla b4 and noticed it was stringy and wasn’t sure if that is how its suppose to be or not because I don’t use it often. but I do love my cheddar and even though I try to buy decently priced cheese I can a be a bit picky. love old….won’t buy no name any more…so oily and tasteless. anyhow…this brand was very salty and almost had a cheese curd taste to it. also..when u cut into the cheese u can see air bubbles. the texture is spongy but if u break it then it also shows a stringiness about it. i didn’t care for the taste at all for cheddar. I could look past some of the texture issues if it tasted better because it was on sale under $4 at no frills for a 500 g bar. I have never tasted cheddar like this b4. I think the air bubbles may be there because the company may actually add air to the product to make it weigh a bit more. i know this is done with meat by soaking in water. Have u tried the cheddar b4? I’m on a tight budget so I can’t buy special delli cheese and because i eat a lot of it i really can’t afford it. but I really like cracker barrel…but it can be costly so only buy on sale. a really nice decent price old cheddar is president choice. its not much more then no name and to me is equal to cracker barrel if u like it. I don’t find black dimond to be anything real special even though I will purchase if on sale but if its 5 bucks then I’d rather pay the extra buck and get president choice.

    • Ontdrew says:

      I have not tried Silani cheddar. Mozzarella is stringy, that is normal. Cheddar should not be stringy. The President’s Choice cheeses that I have tried so far (only a few) have been good quality. Thanks for the info!

    • Ken says:

      +1 for Jane. Im not too picky about cheeses but… yea love my cheddars… Silani was on sale and I bought a bar… I ripped off a piece and had it go all cheesestringy on me. Taste and texture wise… its definitely off and not cheese like.. its almost spongy… However… its… not bad tasting or disgusting… IMO… its… interesting… a little on the dry a side though…

    • zack says:

      try the No Frills Extra Old or Old cheese ” No Name”….it’s pretty good and I’ve samples soooo many brands…but ARMSTRONG is the best followed by Baldersson for name brands….then Crackle Barrel ; )

  2. JSS says:

    Silani cheese is disgusting. I bought some Mild Cheddar from my local No Frills because it was on sale. It has a horrible taste and an equally horrible texture. Never again. I should have learned my lesson when I bought their grated parmasean cheese “product”. Uh. It was gross too. WOULD NOT MELT !!!

    • Jane says:

      ya..the cheddar really doesn’t taste like any other cheddar I’ve had…texture is very different also…didn’t u find it tasted like cheese curds…from what I read b4 the process of making cheese is the separation of curds and whey…maybe the have more curds in their cheese, who knows? when i used it with other ingredients for melting, I didn’t mind it too much..made my own nacho cheese dip and found it was pretty good in that recipe..but as for eating it alone or with crackers, I will be passing on this brand. almost thought it was gone bad…also…i do feel there was air bubbles in it which might add to the weight of the cheese thus getting less product.

    • zack says:

      because they put flaxseed oil in it : (

  3. Cherry says:

    Today I bought Silani mozzarella cheese and it was on sale today. I usually buy this brand because it tastes really nice and I like how stringy it is. However, I noticed something very weird with today’s Silani mozzarella cheese. There’s a circular sticker that says “May contain soybean oil”… and when I opened the package of cheese it was really moist and less firm than usual. The texture was not stringy when out of the fridge… On the taste test it tastes like soybeans… and not as salty as usual. I’ve never seen anything like this and for it to be passed on as “mozzarella” cheese too… usually there are standards in place to make sure they actually taste like it right?

    • Dave Tran says:

      Forget about taste standards. What you ate was mostly water and soybean oil.Like hard margarine. No Frills has lately been selling imitation mozzarella cheese product which has ALMOST EXACTLY the same packaging as the regular stuff. They used to have the regular Silani mozzarella on sale (stringy, salty, but tasty and make of milk, described as the above blog post) but they now have this garbage on sale. Problem is, nobody is calling Silani’s foul on this issue. They are selling fake cheese and calling it Mozzarella. That’s like selling margarine and calling it butter. Are they breaking the law here?

      I made the same mistake you did and right away we noticed something wasn’t right. Then I looked at the ingredients. In this picture ( notice the similarity of the label of the fake cheese vs the real cheese. They are the same except for the ingredients list.

  4. Kevin says:

    we purchased the Silani Mild cheddar cheese form our local No-Frills in Nov/12 (still have a small piece in the back of the fridge – all moldy). It was the worst cheddar cheese we have ever tasted. It was extremely salty. We call the company to inquire if it was a problem with the batch but nobody responded. After a week we sent an e-mail to their site, again no response. We eventually gave up. Some companies just don’t care about the little guy?? I guess we will just through out that small piece. We kept it to send back to their lab, if they ever did respond, oh well. we trough out the rest of it along time ago.

  5. LP says:

    Read the labels folks…their Mozzarella is a Cheese Product…not just Cheese…and I will never buy their Feta again either…goes slimy & rancid well before the expiry dates…and their customer service never responds.

  6. I purchased Silani Asiago[on sale]. It had little flavour, was chewy, tasted like a low fat cheese which I would never buy. Very, very disappointed. I will not purchased Silani cheese again.

  7. Dori Beck says:

    I looked at the sodium content and it looked equal to other brands so I tried the cheddar. It tasted like extra salty processed cheese and I gave it away. It was the first time I’ve given cheddar cheese away. I wonder why it tastes so much saltier than other cheeses that supposedly have the same amount of sodium per 30 grams.

  8. Janet Murphy says:

    I purchased your parmesan cheese for the second time, and was very pleased with it’s fine texture and taste, both times. HOWEVER, the container was almost impossible to open, both times….that silly little plastic tab broke off in my hands and caused a cut,

    I will not be bying this product again, until this ridiculous opening system is addressed.

  9. Rick says:

    I think the entire line of Silani cheeses is to be avoided, namely the cheddar and mozzarella. The major drawback to their cheeses is that they are made with modified milk ingredients, which means you’re purchasing and consuming a cheap “cheese-like product”. (A number of brands do this, by the way: Black Diamond and Kraft, to name a few). If you look at the label on the Silani mozzarella package, it does not indicate “cheese” but rather “cheese product”. This should arouse suspicion. When I buy cheese, I want it to be made of whole milk, not some previously processed form of it or ingredient derived from it. Calling a product “cheese” when it contains modified milk ingredients is, to me, like trying to call a hotdog a “steak”.

  10. Carl Bader says:

    I just recently tried Silani cheese bars at no frills again – the store clerk told me that Schomberg Farms bars are Silani bars.

    Never again, I thought I was gettling quality. My parents were faithfull to the Silani name and we purchased products at the family store. Instead I got a cheese like product that did not resemble mozzarella cheese but reminded me of poor quality sliced cheese.

    Sorry Silani never again.

  11. If you like Feta do not buy the feta light—there is NO flavor–my husband thought I had put Tofu in his salad–a total waste of money!!!!!!!

  12. Grace Elizabeth says:

    I recently bought a couple of Silani mozzarella cheese balls believing I had purchased the same product as always but, after being turned off by it’s performance on my pizza, did a further check on the one ball I had left. Although extremely similar, the logo is different, the farm photo is different and, although it has the same USP code seal as my old Silani cheese, the new one is now labeled as processed cheese. I am disgusted at this tom-foolery. It is purposeful disception. A waste of my money and a waste of expensive pizza ingredients. It will be a long time, if ever, before I purchase any Silani products in the future.

  13. Dave Tran says:

    the conclusion of my Silani fake chees sage here. They finally changed the packaging a fwe monthhs ago to be slightly less deceptive –

  14. Louise says:

    I’ve tried salami cheddar shred cheese and was very desapointed. Half of it was’nt shred. I had to use my shreder to finish the job. I could’nt imagine how are the rest of their product. Will I buy more product? Of course not!

  15. Roger Dee says:

    Dear Mr. Silani, I like your mozzarella sliced cheese packaged in 125 gr. but I CANNOT separate the entire slice therefore would you please extend the separation paper to the entire slice of cheese? Thank you very much.

  16. Kevin says:

    I have bought Silani brand parmesan and more recently swiss. Both were absolutely disgusting. The parmesan was flavourless and didn’t even crumble. If it hadn’t been labelled parmesan I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that’s what they were going for. I ended up tossing most of it in the compost. Same goes for the “swiss.” It is soft and creamy with no flavour or smell. It has no holes. If anything it’s more like a bland camembert. I truly hope Silani isn’t being marketed outside Canada and giving our dairy industry a bad name.

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