Moody Blue Cheese

I was in Longo’s supermarket today picking up some bread for my wife when I accidentally wandered into the cheese section. I don’t know why that keeps happening. As I browsed the cheese case for something new and interesting I discovered a blue cheese named Moody Blue.

Moody Blue Cheese

Moody Blue Cheese

It reminded me of the band the Moody Blues that I was a fan of back in my high school days. Suddenly I was remembering the Moody Blues song “Your Wildest Dreams”  in my head.

I bought the cheese and brought it home for a try.

This is a cheese made in Wisconsin, USA by Roth Kase. I found Moody Blue on their website under the “New” heading. Their description of the cheese is:

Made in small batches from fresh, local Wisconsin milk, our rich, creamy blue is delicately smoked over fruit wood to create subtle smoky undertones with hints of roasted nuts and coffee. Beautifully balanced, sultry, and seductive, Moody Blue is excellent on a cheese plate and delicious in culinary applications.

It is a cow’s milk blue cheese aged four or more months.

This is a strong blue, and a little on the salty side. It has bite. The smoke flavour is well balanced. I thought the smokiness was more delicate than the Blue Haze that I have tried previously. The texture is dryish and crumbly. I tried to spread it on Carr’s Table Water Crackers but I broke about half the crackers that I tried to spread.  It would be best sliced and placed on the cracker.

Moody Blue Cheese

Moody Blue Cheese

My son likes blue cheese so I offered him a taste. His opinion on this one was “Good”. But it didn’t send him over the top. His favourite blue cheese is still St. Agur.

This one is a thumbs up for me.

I listened to the Moody Blues and I ate the cheese. That’s a good combination.

One comment on “Moody Blue Cheese

  1. jerzak80 says:

    That looks like a fine blue but I can see where your son is coming from with the St Agur. I’m more of a stilton man myself but also love a good gorgonzola. Keep up the good work.

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