Goat’s Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon by Celebrity International

Celebrity Goats Milk Cheese Cinnamon Blueberry

Celebrity International Goats Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon

I came across this goat’s milk cheese at a Metro Supermarket in Port Credit (Ontario). I’m not sure what prompted me to give this cheese a try. I have seen this cheese before but I always passed over it in favour of “yellow” cheeses.

When I unwrapped the cheese and put it on a plate my confidence slid. My photo is not the best, I’ll admit that, but this cheese did not look very appetizing sitting on the plate.

Goats Milk Cheese Blueberry Cinnamon

Celebrity International Goats Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon

The blueberries looked like dried up raisins. I am pretty adventurous but it took a little courage to shove this into my mouth. Fortunately that is where things took a turn for the better.

What does Celebrity International Goat’s Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon taste like? Although I rate this cheese low on the “plate appeal” scale it was actually quite good.  I was surprised. The goat cheese was fairly creamy, but slightly dry. It had a mild saltiness that was well complimented by the the blueberry and cinnamon. It was a good cheesy combination. I spread it onto Carr’s Table Water Crackers.

Celebrity International’s goat cheese is a Canadian cheese made in Ontario from Ontario milk. It is 100% pure goat’s milk and is animal rennet free.

I found this web site for the Celebrity International Goat’s Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon. The website mentioned that Blueberry’s may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.  The website also provided the following information.

Sea salt is added to the product, which is beneficial for the health conscious person or Vegetarian because the salt has no iodine. For persons with lactose intolerance, goat cheese is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk cheese products. Goats are fed roasted Soybeans, which are higher in protein and energy, plus Corn-fed, from products produced on the farmstead.
Goat milk is lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in calcium and Vitamins A & D. Goats convert all the carotene in their diet to vitamin A, leaving the milk and cream pure white. The yellow colour in other dairy products is due to the carotene in the milk. Our Goat Cheese is pasteurized.

This cheese tastes better than it looks. This is a cheese for the health conscience. It would be a good cheese to serve at the holidays. I need to figure out a way to make it look more appealing. Maybe if I tossed a few fresh blueberries around it on the serving plate. I think I’ll buy it again and try that.

11 comments on “Goat’s Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon by Celebrity International

  1. Hello! Woolwich Dairy also produces a Cranberry Cinnamon and Wild Blueberry Vanilla goat cheese. I’d love to send some samples to you if you’re interested. I notice you blogged about our Brie a while back, and our soft unripened cheeses are fabulous as well.

  2. […] Goat’s Milk Cheese with Blueberry and Cinnamon by Celebrity International (canadacheeseman.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Paul Blake says:

    Hello thank you for your kind compliments on the Celebrity Blueberry Goat cheese.
    Yes you are correct the cheese does not look appealing always, however you will find that once you taste it, it really comes together and the brand never dis-satisfies our loyal followers.

    We did not wish to alter our recipe therefore, we have not tampered with the product thus far. We believe the product must stand up on its own and that flavour with a Wow factor overrides appearance.

    Our Celebrity International Cranberry Goat Cheese and Cinnamon is even more popular then the actual Blueberry product.
    We would love to hear your opinions after you try it. The sweetness of the cranberries and the tartness of the 100 % Ontario Goat cheese are complimented beautifully together.

    We launched this original Cranberry product as the first of its kind in CANADA and love that our consumers continue to write about it.

    Comments always appreciated!!!

    It is available in most stores Longos, Loblaws, Zehrs,Real Canadian Superstores, Sobeys, Metro and Costco, plus all the finer cheese shops would most likely carry it.


    Paul Blake
    Finica Food Specialties Limited

    • Margaret says:

      I live in the U.S. I bought the Celebrity Goat cheese with figs and loved it last year. I have been unable to find it in a store in Dallas, Fort Worth area of Texas. Apparently Costco doesn’t carry it this year. Where can i purchase this product?

  4. Dee brock says:

    Bought it @ Costco. Looked great. Forgot it in refrig. Can I freeze it.

    • Ontdrew says:

      Cheese does freeze but it loses something in the process. I’ve only tried freezing cheese for recipes, like grated cheddar. Try it and let me know your result.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the Celebrity Cranberry Goat cheese, and didn’t even know there was a blueberry flavour. ❤ The plastic tube packaging does make it a bit messy, but it tastes so good that I don’t mind 🙂

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