Frere Jacques – The Cheese, Not the Song

Frere Jacques Cheese

According to wikipedia: Frère Jacques is one of the most widely-known songs on earth, and it can be found many places in modern world culture.

It also happens to be the name of a Canadian cheese.

Frere Jacques is produced in Quebec by the Benedictine Monks at the Abbaye De St-Benoît-Du-Lac. I have already written about the Abbey when I reviewed Mont St. Benoit cheese. Check out that blog post for more information about the Abbey.

I found this cheese at the Goat Inc. Cheese Shop in Port Credit, Ontario.

The Frere Jacques cheese is a firm cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It has an orange coated rind. The cheese looks a little like Jarlsberg with it’s large air holes which are also called “eyes”. It has 32% Milk Fat and a 42% Moisture Content.

What does Frere Jacques cheese taste like?

It has a faint hazelnut flavor with a chewy, almost squeaky, texture. It is quite mild and it is a cheese that my children like. It melts nicely and would be a good choose for making a grilled cheese sandwich.

This cheese ends up ranking in the middle of the pack for me. But it does give me yet another reason to plan a visit the Abbaye De St-Benoît-Du-Lac in Quebec.

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