Fifth Town’s Bonnie and Floyd Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Fifth Town's Bonnie and Floyd Sheeps Milk Cheese

I found an interesting Canadian made Sheep’s milk cheese called “Bonnie and Floyd”. It is made by Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company in Picton, Ontario.

The Fifth Town website has a link to download “Cheese Note Cards” which provide a picture and brief description of the cheeses they make. Here is the card describing Bonnie and Floyd from the cheese makers perspective.

This cheese is also the choice of Royalty … no kidding.

The Fifth Town Website reports that:

On Friday, November 6th, Prince Charles toured the Brick Works project and also visited the Farmer’s Market!  He stopped to talk to several vendors including Fifth Town.  Dave Smyth, our farmer’s market rep at Evergreen was there to tell the Prince all about Fifth Town. He apparently sampled the cheeses and then asked “how much” for a piece of Bonnie & Floyd. Dave told him $9. Turns out His Majesty likes sheep milk cheese.  The Prince then turned to Minister Jim Flaherty to see if he could spot him a $10 to buy the cheese.  Luckily, he had some “stimulus funds” in his pocket!

Prince Charles choosing Bonnie and Floyd - image from Fifth Town Cheese Website

In 2010, at the 83rd annual British Empire Cheese Show organized by the Central Ontario Cheesemakers Association, Bonnie and Floyd took 1st place in the division of Artisan Sheep’s Milk Cheese.

What does Bonnie and Floyd taste like?

It was mild at the start then it developed a light, flowery, earthy flavor. It is not overly salted and I appreciate that. It finishes with a nice light buttery, nutty taste. I like it.

What do Prince Charles and I have in common? For one thing we both appreciate a good Sheep’s milk cheese.

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