Panda Cheese

I have done posts about cow cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, moose cheese and even Beaver cheese. But I had never come across Panda cheese, until today.

Panda Cheese

To find Panda Cheese you have to go to Egypt. Huh … what … say that again?

If you are thinking, hey aren’t Panda bears from China, not Egypt? Well, you are correct. It turns out that Egyptian Panda Cheese is not made from Panda bear milk. It is an Egyptian BRAND of cheese. It is made by Arab Dairy.

The Panda Cheese website is written in some Egyptian hieroglyphics that I don’t understand. But you don’t need to understand the Egyptian language to grasp Arab Dairy’s message – If you pass up Panda Cheese then there is going to be one bad ass Panda bear waiting to mess you up.

It’s an interesting marketing campaign. Believe me, if I come across some Panda Cheese I will definitely try it as opposed to suffering the consequence.

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