Moliterno Pecorino Infused with Black Truffle

Moliterno Pecorino Infused with Black Truffle

Moliterno Pecorino Infused with Black Truffle

This is a raw sheep’s milk cheese that comes from Sardinia, Italy.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, Italy

I found this cheese at Goat Inc. in Port Credit (Ontario).

Moliterno Label

This cheese is made by first aging the sheep’s milk cheese for 12 months and then injecting it with black truffle paste. The cheese is then further aged another 5 months. Even though the truffle paste is concentrated in the veins, the truffle flavour permeates the entire cheese. During aging, the rind is repeatedly washed with an oil and vinegar bath to maintain the moisture in the cheese. The cheese is produced in 6 pound wheels.

This medium firm cheese is interesting to look at with its greyish yellow paste. The paste is accented by the veins of luxurious truffles running through it providing an elegant contrast of colour, texture and flavour.

What does Moliterno Pecorino Truffle cheese taste like?  This cheese has a strong earthy flavour. A little goes a long way. It has … presence. It starts medium firm then quickly dissolves on the tongue. It becomes creamy with an earthy, salty and rich taste.

This is not a cheese for the timid but if you like truffles then you will probably really enjoy this cheese. Pair this cheese with a big fruity red wine such as Barolo, Barbaresco or Amarone.

I really liked this Moliterno Pecorino Truffle cheese. I will feature this cheese on my “Walking the Wild Side” cheese board.

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