Cheese and Carr’s Table Water Crackers

What cheese blog would be complete without a little attention to cheese’s best friend … the cracker? It is common to find bread or crackers to accompany the serving of cheese. If you are serving a soft cheese, then a cracker, or piece of bread, is almost a necessity to carry the cheese to your mouth.

Honestly, I think that fresh bread, such as a french baguette, is the ultimate cheese carrier with crackers being a close second. Some crackers are better to pair with cheese than others. If you have a mild cheese, you might try marrying it with an exciting cracker full of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion … you get the idea. But there is a tipping point when cheese looses the stage to such a cracker. At that point why not just spread butter?

A delicate cheese needs a delicate cracker. And that is why I suggest Carr’s Table Water Crackers. They have a nice consistency. They won’t break under the pressure of a knife unless the cheese is atypically stiff. They are a nice size, perfect for two or three bites, unless you have a big appetite, or a big mouth. They are a perfect cracker for brie.

A problem with some crackers is that they have surface salt. The Carr’s crackers do not. I find the baked in salt balance just about perfect. The Carr’s Table Water Crackers can also carry stronger cheeses competently. It is my cracker of choice for Cambozola and other blue cheeses. In fact, it is a great all around cracker for most cheeses.

A box contains about 35 crackers. Carr’s crackers are well distributed and should be widely available. Carr’s Table Water Crackers have my endorsement.

Disclosure: I don’t work for Carr’s or any affiliate. I have not been compensated in any way for this post. I just like ’em.

2 comments on “Cheese and Carr’s Table Water Crackers

  1. Melissa says:

    May I ask where you can buy these crackers in Canada? I’m trying to google the answer, but am not getting anywhere XD (I live in Van, BC, Canada)

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