Pecorino Crotonese Sheep’s Milk Cheese from Italy

Pecorino Crotonese Cheese

I picked up some Pecorino Crotonese at Whole Foods in Oakville, Ontario. I’ve been trying a number of different Sheep’s milk cheeses lately, so I figured it was time to grab some Italian Pecorino. I did not realize there were different styles within the Pecorino family.

I found this informative YouTube video which describes several Pecorino’s, including the Pecorino Crotonese.

“Pecora” is the Italian word for sheep. Pecorino Crotonese comes from the village of Crotone in Southern Italy.

Croton, Italy - image from Google Maps

The cross hatch marks on the rind are the result of aging the cheese in a wicker basket.

What does Pecorino Crotonese taste like?

This cheese has an earthy, nutty flavor with a slight fruity finish. This one ranks above average.

Again my cheese adventure has me discovering new cheeses and new places. Crotone, Italy is a small seaside village on the Mediterranean with an interesting history.

I found myself exploring the village virtually while enjoying the Pecorino Crotonese cheese. Here is a YouTube video showcasing Crotone.


3 comments on “Pecorino Crotonese Sheep’s Milk Cheese from Italy

  1. Sofia says:

    This is a wonderful cheese to be eaten just as is with some good bread as well as grated for cooking, especially in oven baked dishes.

  2. Entering the italian Pecorino variaties is a journey through all the country! Try out the Sardinian ones and you will enjoy the rough taste of a land that has still some wilderness in its soul!

  3. John says:

    4 regions that make Pecorino. Toscana, Lazio, Sicilia & Sardegna. Yet the first pecorino she focuses on is the Crotonese. Made in the region of Calabria? Stick to cheddar girl.

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