Comfort Cream by Upper Canada Cheese Company

Upper Canada Cheese's Artisinal Comfort Cream

Upper Canada Cheese's Artisinal Comfort Cream

Nope, this is not a post about lemon meringue pie. This is a picture of Upper Canada Cheese Company’s Comfort Cream.

I found this cheese in my neighbourhood cheese shoppe, Goat Inc. in Port Credit (Ontario, Canada). I was really intrigued by the golden yellow colour. Comfort Cream is a camembert style soft cheese. This cheese is a Canadian cheese produced in Jordon Station, Ontario.

The milk from this this cheese comes from a small herd of Guernsey cattle. Guernsey cows are not common in Canada. The guernsey cow is smaller than a Holstein and it only produces about half of the milk of a Holstein. The milk from the Guernsey cow is high in butter fat and beta-carotene.  The milk is a rich golden colour which carries through to this cheese.

Guernsey Cow - Google Images

Comfort Cream is an artisanal cheese that is hand salted, hand turned and hand wrapped. This cheese is aged four weeks. It is recommend to let the cheese “ripen” a few more weeks to maximize the flavour.

What does Comfort Cream Cheese taste like? It is creamy and buttery. I found it to have a very mild earthy flavour. This cheese is not as rich as some of the triple cream cheeses that I have tried. I think it is more interesting than basic Camembert. Comfort Cream should be served at room temperature or baked (5-7 minutes at 400F). It spreads well and I recommend serving on a thin slice of fresh baguette or unflavoured crackers such as Carr’s Table Water Crackers.

Upper Canada Cheese Company also makes a cheese named Niagara Gold from the same heard of cows. Niagara Gold is a harder cheese as it is aged 5 months. Niagara Gold is one of my favourite Canadian cheeses.

I would agree with Upper Canada Cheese Company’s naming of this cheese. Comfort Cream is comforting. If you like Camembert or Brie it is a good bet you will like Comfort Cream cheese.

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