Cheese Makes Popcorn Even Better

Cheesy Popcorn

Cheesy Popcorn

I always made popcorn in the microwave. This summer my children made a visit to their grandparent’s and they experienced stove top popcorn. When they returned from grandma’s house my kids decided that we should make popcorn the “old fashioned way”.

That prompted us visit to our local kitchen supply store … Goulda’s Kitchen. The kids directed me to a fancy popcorn maker … a Whirley Pop.

Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker

Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker

I have to admit … the Whirley Pop popcorn maker does a good job. My kids have fun standing near the stove, turning the crank, and listening to the ping, ping, ping of popcorn kernels popping.

When we visited our local Loblaw’s supermarket to replenish the popcorn I noticed Kernel’s White Chedder Cheese Popcorn Seasoning.

Kernels White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning

Kernels White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning

The next batch of popcorn we made got a healthy dose of White Cheddar Seasoning.

What does Kernels White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning taste like? It’s cheesy and salty. Unfortunately, it is a far cry from real cheese. The cheese is processed into a very fine dry powder. It works best if there is a little moisture on the popcorn to enable the cheese dust to stick. I found that you need a fairly liberal amount of White Cheddar seasoning before it begins to flavour the popcorn. The nice thing is that you can add as little or as much as your taste prefers.

Our cheesy home made popcorn tastes similar to Smart Food Popcorn.

Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn

Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn

I consider the home made version better because the White Cheddar topping can be added to warm popcorn. Warm popcorn beats cold popcorn every time.

I’ll have to do some more experimenting and see if I can find a way to combine real cheese with popcorn in some delicious way. I would love to create some Beemster XO or Blue Haze popcorn.

Cheddar Popcorn

Our Cheddar topped popcorn experiment was a success. Cheese does make popcorn taste better.

One comment on “Cheese Makes Popcorn Even Better

  1. I like the brand Trader Joes has, are there stores in Canada?

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